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What makes Nomentia a great workplace?

Ask your  future colleagues: they say that they feel valued, that their work matters and they can actually make a difference and that their work environment and people they work with are energetic and fun. We work across borders every day and know that together we make it. Our organization is flat and working hours flexible for a reason: we trust our employees to get the job done as we are all fueled by the same passion to succeed.

In OpusCapita, we even love Mondays! We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where your ideas can flourish, you can achieve your ambitions and really enjoy your work. Our ‘I love Mondays’ club spices up the days at the office with events that bring a smile to your face and welcomes you to nice leisure activities to share some relaxed times with your co-workers.

Many things. But let's start with a few reasons why we all enjoy working at Nomentia:

  • International work environment.
  • Fast-paced but without forgetting that everyone has a limit.
  • Caring, some of our colleagues have worked with each other for a long time and we are happy to welcome new people to our small family.
  • Change is imminent and that is true more than ever at Nomentia. Nomentia is a new company formed by Analyste and OpusCapita (Cash Management), we know that has it's challenges but we are sure to tackle them. Maybe even with you together.

We are looking forward for your application

Please send us your CV and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you.