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Bringing Cash Management Solutions to the Benelux

In this webinar, we will introduce our Payment module for global, centralized management of B2B payments, the anomaly detection add-on for tackling fraud and errors, cash forecasting & visibility, as well as bank connectivity as a service.



Here’s what we covered

Nomentia has been the market-leading solution provider in the Nordics for global payment and cash flow forecasting solutions. Finally, our solutions are now available for you in the Benelux in French and Dutch besides English. 

Join us for a webinar and learn more about the following topics:
  • Why do you need a centralized payment tool? 
  • Why would you switch from a legacy local multi-EB system to a new SaaS Multi-Bank system? 
  • How our customers benefit from using Nomentia Payments?
  • How to tackle fraud and manual errors with automated anomaly detection?
  • Why should you switch from spreadsheets to a liquidity management solution? 
  • How does Nomentia cash forecasting work in practice?
  • Nomentia's hyper modular bank connectivity as a service:
    • How does this work? 
    • How can you benefit from it? 

Meet the speakers

Huub Wevers

Huub Wevers

Head of Sales, Nomentia

Tapani Oksala

Tapani Oksala

Head of Partners, Nomentia

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