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On-demand webinar

Cash management

Liquidity & forecasting

Risk management

How to optimize cash flows, FX positions, and external and internal funding?

In this webinar, you will learn about how to understand your historic, current, and future cash positions to maximize liquidity yield.



Here’s what we covered

watch the webinar and learn more about the following topics:
  • How to analyze and forecast your liquidity
  • The steps of the short term forecasting process
  • The advantages of using Liquidity vs Excel
  • Key features of Liquidity
  • AI/Machine learning for (long-term) Liquidity
  • A practical demo of the Nomentia Liquidity solution

Meet the speakers

Tapani Oksala

Tapani Oksala

Head of Partners

Jouni Kirjola

Jouni Kirjola

Head of Solutions & Presales, Nomentia

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