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Treasury management

Cash management

Treasury Trends for 2023

During this  Live Panel Discussion hosted with TreasuryXL, we will uncover some trends that will take place within the Treasury landscape in 2023 and how these trends will affect all treasurers' work.



Here’s what we covered

watch the webinar and learn more about the following topics:
  • Market and FX Risk management in current times of uncertainty.

  • Top treasury technologies to consider for 2023.

    Will APIs deliver their promises?

  • Building the bridge between Ecommerce and treasury.

  • The rapidly changing role of treasury to facilitate business success

  • Treasury technology visions beyond 2023.

Meet the speakers


Pieter de Kiewit

Owner, Treasurer Search

Patrick Kunz

Patrick Kunz

Independent Treasury Consultant, TreasuryXL

Niki van Zanten

Niki van Zanten

Independent Treasury Expert, TreasuryXL

Huub Wevers

Huub Wevers

Head of Sales, Nomentia

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