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How to achieve cash forecasting excellence - challenges and strategies

Watch the on-demand webinar with TreasuryXL and Nomentia to learn more about achieving cash forecasting excellence - challenges and strategies.



Here’s what we covered

Cash forecasting remains one of the most challenging topics in treasury management. With the knowledge and years of experience of our experts within TreasuryXL and Nomentia, we will discuss cash forecasting in more depth. We'll tackle the challenges that are paired with cash forecasting, and strategies to overcome challenges to achieve cash forecasting excellence.

Join us for a webinar and learn more about the following topics:
  • Brief introduction to TreasuryXL and Nomentia
  • Short introduction to cash forecasting
  • Why many companies have sub-optimal cash forecasting 
  • The challenges with cash forecasting
  • Managing the cash forecasting process 
  • Steps to create cash forecast excellence 

Meet the speakers

François de Witte

François de Witte

Seasoned Treasury Expert, treasuryXL

Huub Weevers

Huub Weevers

Head of Sales, Nomentia

Jouni Kirjola

Jouni Kirjola

Head of Solutions & Presales, Nomentia

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