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On-demand webinar

Cash management


Everything you need to know about payments for future-proof cash and treasury management

Connecting to banks to improve treasury processes can be challenging, but it shouldn't be. Learn how to connect to banks and convert file formats without the hassle.



Here’s what we covered

Finding the optimal payments process can be challenging. Therefore, TreasuryXL and Nomentia experts join forces to discuss payments in more detail.

Join us for a webinar and learn more about the following topics:
  • Introduction TreasuryXL and Nomentia
  • Payment set-ups for a future-proof multinationals
  • Areas of new developments and challenges
  • Dealing with different bank connections and ERP interfaces
  • The involvement of IT in technical payment set-ups
  • User management
  • Fraud management
  • Putting it all together

Meet the speakers

Kees-Jan Kindt

Kees-Jan Kindt

Independent Treasury Consultant, treasuryXL

Tapani Oksala

Tapani Oksala

Head of Partners, Nomentia

Huub Weevers

Huub Weevers

Head of Sales, Nomentia

Improved treasury management starts with Nomentia

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